Tim Atkin praises the vintage 2016 of Marqués de Vargas

  • The winery Marqués de Vargas is included in the First Growths, an exclusive group of 21 wineries that stand out due to their quality.
  • Hacienda Pradolagar repeats in the Top 20 wines from Rioja and obtains, for second year in a row, 97 points (among over 1.228 wines that were tasted).
  • All the references of Marqués de Vargas from vintage 2016, are above 94 points at the Atkin’s Riojan Rank 2020

Madrid, February 6, 2020.- The critic and Master of Wine Tim Atkin, has published his ‘Rioja Special’ annual report, in which after analising more than 200 wineries and tasting more than 1.200 wines, he has granted the winery Marqués de Vargas and its wines a historic clasification that includes them among the best of the region. From one standpoint, Marqués de Vargas is ranked as First Growth, or “first class producer”, a select group of 21 wineries singled out by Atkin because of their quality and their expertise. Furthermore, all the wines from the 2016 vintage get marks above 94, standing out in a special way Hacienda Pradolagar, that repeats in the Top 20 and gets, for second year in a row, 97 points.

In particular, Tim Atkin has recognized Marqués de Vargas Hacienda Pradolagar 2016 categorizing it as a high-end wine coming from one of the most important wine regions for red wine. He has also appreciated its mineral background, with a fine tannin result of its ageing in French oak barrels. A subtle and elegant reference, produced only in the great vintages with the best grapes of tempranillo and mazuelo.

Besides this recognition that puts Hacienda Pradolagar among the best 20 wines of Rioja, Tim Atkin has given high rates to Marques de Vargas’ red wines taking into account the quality and personality of each one of them. Thus, Marqués de Vargas Selección Privada 2016 gets 96 points, standing out also among the ‘Wines of The Year’; 95 points for Marqués de Vargas Gran Reserva 2016, as well as getting a position among the 5 most prestigious wines in the category of ‘Gran Reserva’; and concludes with 94 points for Marqués de Vargas Reserva 2016.

“The high marks in the prestigious Tim Atkin’s ‘Special Report’ recognise the solid family project of Marqués de Vargas, settled in the Qualified Designation of Origin Rioja for more than three decades, where our first vines were planted back in 1840. The positive ratings invite us to keep working in order to achieve the maximum quality and maintain it in time” says Don Pelayo de la Mata, 11th Marquis of Vargas and 9th Count of San Cristóbal.

In the most complete report about Rioja made so far, Atkin highlights in his general considerations about the region, the extraordinary quality of the terroir of the estate Hacienda Pradolagar from which the winery Marqués de Vargás obtains all its grapes; as well as the effort in favour of the oenotourism that some wineries from Logroño, among which Marqués de Vargas stands out, are carrying out to develop the prestige of the region at a national level.

High-end wines in Viñedos Singulares (unique vineyards)

The work and determination of the winemaking team at Marqués de Vargas to produce high-end wines, have been endorsed by Atkins’ reviews. In particular, in Selección Privada 2016 he recognises the excellent job of Ana Barrón that has allowed the winery to obtain a balanced vintage with Tempranillo, Grenache and Mazuelo. A fresh, refined and delicate wine.

The expert highlights in the Gran Reserva 2016 the classy blend of Tempranillo, 10% of Mazuelo and Grenache, aged in a combination of French and American oak. During its tasting, he appreciated the sweet touches of coconut.

Lastly, in the Reserva 2016, he praises Ana Barrón and Xavier Ausás one more time, emphasising that the team has been able to obtain a great potential wine from Tempranillo, Grenache and Mazuelo.

Likewise, to this recognition we have to add the designation of Viñedo Singular (unique vineyard) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. The vineyards of Marqués de Vargas, located in Rioja Alta, stand out because of the extraordinary characteristics of their plots, their distinctive production process and the respect for the traditional techniques in the vineyard (manual pruning and harvest).

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Tim Atkin praises the vintage 2016 of Marqués de Vargas

The winery Marqués de Vargas is included in the First Growths, an exclusive group of 21 wineries that stand out due to their quality. Hacienda Pradolagar repeats in the Top […]

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