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A family passion

Mentioning the name Marqués de Vargas means referring to a dynasty of four generations devoted to the production and commercialisation of outstanding wines from the Rioja, since the Marquisate of Vargas is held by a family that has close ties to this acclaimed Spanish winemaking region.

In 1840, Don Felipe de la Mata, 8th Marquis of Vargas, decided to plant the first grapevines at the Hacienda Pradolagar. Since then, four generations of this family lineage have cultivated the vineyards on this estate. Don Pelayo de la Mata, Count of San Cristóbal, and his brother Don Francisco, 9th Marquis of Vargas, who was elected mayor of Logroño, kept the passion for the vines at Pradolagar alive.

Today, Bodegas y Viñedos del Marqués de Vargas has become a solid family project established in three Designations of Origin of great prestige: Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Rias Baixas.


A project that crosses borders

It is astonishing to think that the wines we produce from our vineyards travel to the other side of the world. Our wines are sold in over 40 countries across the five continents; at present, 50% of our turnover is from exports and we aim to keep on growing. This demonstrates that Marqués de Vargas Family Wines and Estates is an important, international project with products that are suited to both the Spanish market and other world cuisines thanks to the quality of its wines.

A dream came true

A dream came true

We started to put all our passion into making wine many years ago and, since then, every day we work to make outstanding wines with great character that express the qualities typical to each of the denominations of origin where our wineries are based, and that reflect the unique characteristics of each different terroir.

This is achieved by upholding the same values we have believed in since the beginning. For example, our family history is of great importance to us because it maintains our prestigious legacy, so closely connected to the world of wine.

Other values include our desire to continue our family tradition of growing and producing wine, the search for excellence and the importance of giving our best, putting all our dedication and care into every detail. In short, doing everything in our power to produce the highest quality wine.

Human Team

Chairman Don Pelayo de la Mata y Pobes General Manager Jordi Viñals Matas Winegrowers Ana Barrón. Bodega Marqués de Vargas Jorge Peique. Bodega Conde de San Cristóbal Susana Pérez. Bodega Pazo de San Mauro Viticulture & Oenology advisory team Xavier Ausás David Pernet


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