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The passion for building a dream

In 1840, Don Felipe de la Mata, 8th Marquis of Vargas, decided to plant the first grapevines at the Hacienda Pradolagar. Since then, four generations of this family lineage have cultivated the vineyards on this estate. Don Pelayo de la Mata, Count of San Cristóbal, and his brother Don Francisco, 9th Marquis of Vargas, who was elected mayor of Logroño, kept the passion for the vines at Pradolagar alive.

An especially prominent figure was Don Hilario de la Mata, 10th Marquis of Vargas and father of the current Marquis, as he was chairman of an important winery group and co-proprietor of another firm in the sector. Don Hilario, an enthusiast of the world of wine just like his predecessors, always dreamed of having a winery of his own and creating a wine with the family’s name. Sadly, he died while still very young and was unable to see his dream made reality.

In 1989, Don Pelayo de la Mata, 11th Marquis of Vargas, and his siblings, saw their father’s dream made reality when today’s winery was built at the Hacienda Pradolagar estate, in Logroño, at the heart of the Rioja Alta.

D. Pelayo de la Mata: “I remember my father’s expression, the gleam in his eyes when he spoke with overwhelming enthusiasm about having his own winery, a dream that he had in mind for many years. As his children, we could not let him down.”

A unique corner

The winery, set at the centre of its own vineyards, in line with the château concept, lies in the heart of the Ebro valley, in an area popularly known as Los Tres Marqueses, as it is home to the vineyards of three reputed Rioja wineries, each founded by a different Marquis.

It is a wonderful location for growing grapes thanks to its continental climate enhanced by Atlantic influences. Its gentle topography has a high clay and limestone content that helps to produce balanced, full-bodied wines with high levels of total acidity that are particularly suited to ageing in barrels.


The garden of Hacienda Pradolagar

The garden of Hacienda Pradolagar

The Marqués de Vargas vineyards cover 60 hectares and are divided into 16 plots for different wines, with red grape varieties typical to La Rioja such as Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo, Graciano and Maturana.  High quality vines are grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides.
Throughout the year the vines are cared for as if they were in a garden; they are pruned and grapes are removed to increase the quality of the harvest. At harvest time, the grapes are collected by plot and the bunches arrive at the winery barely minutes after being picked by hand.


A yield of between 4,500 and 5,000 kilos is produced per hectare and we start to produce our wines at the very moment they are harvested by hand-picking the grapes from the vine. Our “Cuverie”, designed by Michel Rolland, means that we can separately vinify each of the 16 plots and then mature the wines in French and American oak barrels. We are also pioneers in using Seguin Moreau Russian oak barrels.

We successfully produce wine for ageing, Reserve and Grand Reserve wines that are racked naturally, without filters, before ageing for several years in bottles before being released into the market.

Our Wines

Bottled without being treated, clarified or filtered,
our high quality, limited production wines perfectly
demonstrate the flavour of our work.

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