Marqués de Vargas recognised as ‘Viñedo singular’

| More than the 22% of their vineyards have been distinguished with this denomination, that guarantees its quality as ‘Excellent’ |

The vineyards of Marqués de Vargas, located in Rioja Alta, have been recognised with the denomination of Viñedo Singular (unique vineyard) due to the extraordinary characteristics of their plots, the difference in their production process and the respect for the traditional manual harvest.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has certified this peculiarity to 84 vineyards and 154ha of production all throughout the DOCa Rioja, shared among its three areas: Rioja Alavesa (43), Rioja Oriental (10) and Rioja Alta (31). This last region is where we can find the vineyards of Marqués de Vargas where they have recognised three plots of the estate of Pradolagar, which represent 11.36ha of vineyard, and are the 22% of the total land of the vineyards of Marqués de Vargas.

“We should feel enormously proud”

For Pelayo de la Mata, Marquis of Vargas, “the recognition of Viñedo Singular is an honor for our wines, where the first vines in Hacienda Pradolagar were planted back in 1840. In this sense, De la Mata has highlighted “we should feel enormously proud of beeing pioneers, one more time, in the obtaining of this recognition that praises the historic excellence of our land”

The Viñedo Singular of Marqués de Vargas

The plots certified as Viñedo Singular at Marqués de Vargas, have an average age of 40 to 50 years. The vines are perfectly acclimatised to terroir and they are able to reflect its characteristics on the wines, which are elaborated exclusively with grapes from the mentioned plots, with  maximum yields below 4.500kg/ha.

This plots are planted only with the indigenous varities of grapes from Rioja: tempranillo, mazuelo (also known as carignan), grenache, graciano and maturana. From the plots certified as Viñedo Singular come the iconic wines Marqués de Vargas Selección Privada and Hacienda Pradolagar.

Vintage 2017, the first one with this distinction

In the ageing cellar of Bodegas y Viñedos Marqués de Vargas rests already the vintage 2017, from which we will see the first wines labelled with the distinction of Viñedo Singular. Some years will go by before we are able to taste these wines, but for sure, it will be worth it.

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