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The Conde de San Cristóbal Winery is found in the historic Pago de Valdestremero in the heart of Ribera del Duero. It was founded at the beginning of the century by the Mata family, owners of the Marqués de Vargas Winery in Rioja Alta.

It was named Bodegas y Viñedos del Conde de San Cristóbal in honour of their grandfather Pelayo, 8th Count of San Cristóbal, and the link with the first Count, Julián de San Cristóbal y Eguiarreta with the area, as oydor (judge) of the Royal Appellate Court of Valladolid.


A place to lose yourself among the grapevines

In the heart of the peninsula, where the northern plains are crossed by the river Duero, lies the Conde de San Cristóbal Winery in the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero, one of the most prestigious denominations of origin in Spain.

Its vineyards enjoy an intense continental climate with sharp variations in temperature and average rainfall. These climate conditions play an important role in the life cycle of the vine and grape maturation.

Thanks to the 7 tiles of soils in the estate, as well as the extreme temperatures and mountain winds, the wines develop high acidity levels, giving them greater structure and longevity. These opulent wines are very fruity and full-bodied with the colour typical to this wine-producing region.

A land filled with notes

A land filled with notes

The estate, at Valdestremero estate,  covers 80 hectares and includes an extensive vineyard that runs through the valley and is cared for as if it were a garden. The vineyards are found in Peñafiel, part of the Golden Mile. They are over 35 years old and are divided into 14 plots that surround the winery. There are seven different soil types found at different altitudes. This unique corner of Spain has lower temperatures during the region's hot summer months.
The vines only include the Tinta Fina grape, a variety typical to the region.
Great care is taken with the vines, as if they were part of a garden; they are first pruned in winter and then in summer and no herbicides or pesticides are used, just natural fertilizers.
From the vine to the bottle

From the vine to the bottle

Conde de San Cristóbal red wines are limited production wines and only high end red wines are obtained. We grow our vines to ensure they have a low yield; just a bottle and a half is made from each grapevine.

Grapes are harvested by hand and selected with great care; each plot is vinified separately for greater quality control. Then, the grapes are macerated at low temperatures before being fermented. Fermentation lasts 9 to 12 days and they are pumped over and punched down during this period.

Finally, new French oak barrels are used to mature the wine to give them a more elegant and complex taste..

Our wines

Conde de San Cristóbal wines are known for being elegant and balanced with a strong character, and are distinguished by their fruitiness, colour and remarkable longevity.


The reward for all our work

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