The pairing of Denis Dubourdieu-Valerie Lavigne join the team of oenologists at Conde de San Cristóbal and Pazo de San Mauro


Two grand masters of oenology who will be
providing all their savoir-faire





One could call them the “great magicians” of wine, for their ability to emphasise the best of each vineyard to achieve sublime wines. This twosome of outstanding oenologists have joined the teams at Pazo de San Mauro and Conde de San Cristóbal to provide the two established wineries with their expertise and savoir-faire.

Château Cheval Blanc, Château D’ Yquem, Château Doisy-Daëne… are just some of the world’s flagship wineries that the pairing have provided with their consultancy, during the more than 20 years that Denis Dubourdieu and Valérie Lavigne have been working together.

Denis Dubourdieu, from Bordeaux, is one of the founding fathers of modern oenology, an esteemed scientist and one of the leading specialists in the production and ageing of white wines, while having also contributed to improvements in our understanding of the flavour of red wines.


Valérie Lavigneresearcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Oenology in Bordeaux, and one of the leading experts in varietal aromas, the control of reduction phenomena during winemaking and wine ageing, is also the winner of the Amorim Academy Grand Prix for her contribution to the qualitative improvement of wine.

In the words of Valérie and Denis:

“Our partnership with the Pazo de San Mauro and Conde de San Cristóbal vineyards will begin with an in-depth study of their evolution. We will then focus on the winemaking itself, in order to extract only the best from their grapes. Delicate extraction and minimal intervention to achieve a very specific aim: to refine and consolidate the style of these wines, to make them distinctive, identifiable, and, why not?… inimitable”

As Pelayo de la Mata, President of the Marqués de Vargas Winemaking Group, explains:

“Following on from the improvements we are undertaking at the three wineries, it is a pleasure to be able to draw on the experience and knowledge of Valérie and Denis so as to enhance the quality of our wines”



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